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Pak journalist: It was not Taliban

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Pak journalist: It was not Taliban:

Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam says the Taliban, who are already being named as the culprits, could have had no real interest in assassinating Benazir Bhutto.


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Pakistan: The “Other” Bhutto

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Pakistan: The “Other” Bhutto

BY Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Fatima Bhutto.
Fatima Bhutto campaigning for her mother in Pakistan’s Sindh province.
Watch Video

Length: 4:54

Editor’s Note: Despite all the talk of boycotting the January 8 parliamentary elections in Pakistan, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has returned to the campaign trail. So has President Musharraf’s other main rival, Nawaz Sharif.

In her latest dispatch, FRONTLINE/World correspondent Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy visits the Bhutto ancestral home in the province of Sindh to interview former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s niece, Fatima, who has become a thorn in her aunt’s side. Educated in the U.S. and fast becoming a prominent figure in her own right, the 25-year-old could turn out to be a serious political challenger to Benazir in the coming years. And there’s no love lost between the two women. Fatima blames her aunt for the 1996 murder of her father, Benazir’s brother, and calls her “one of the most corrupt leaders the world has ever seen.” Watch excerpts from the interview and read more about Fatima below.

There are deep divisions within the Bhutto family. In 1996, Mir Murtaza Bhutto, Benazir’s younger brother and her political opponent, was brutally gunned down just steps from his house in Karachi, while his sister was the prime minister.

The authorities claimed he died in a police shootout with his body guards, but the public — depending on whom you talk to — point fingers at Benazir and her husband Asif ali Zardari.

Benazir Bhutto has publicly denied any involvement in the death of her brother.

A graduate of Columbia University, the 25-year-old Fatima spends her days campaigning against her aunt [Benazir Bhutto], who, she says, is “one of the most corrupt leaders the world has seen.”

Fatima is Murtaza’s eldest daughter. A graduate of Columbia University, the 25-year-old spends her days writing and campaigning against her aunt, who, she says, is “one of the most corrupt leaders the world has seen.”

Many Pakistanis see Fatima as an alternative to Benazir, a serious challenger in the coming years and the rightful heir to the country’s most powerful political dynasty. She seems to have the pedigree required to contest and win elections, if she so chooses. In Pakistan, a Bhutto surname is almost enough to guarantee someone the job of a premier.

As I drove up to 70 Clifton, the house in which Benazir grew up and where Fatima now lives near the Arabian sea in Karachi, I thought of the similarities between the two: Both their lives were shaped by the death of their fathers at a young age, and both spent time at Ivy League universities in the United States and are articulate and educated. But the similarities end there.

The house and its adjoining office are steeped in history. The walls are covered with historical photographs and the library is filled with speeches and documents from the ’60s and ’70s, written by former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir and Murtaza’s father.

Over the years, Benazir Bhutto has filed property cases against Fatima and her mother. The former prime minister believes that the house is rightfully hers and has made several attempts to evict the current occupants.

Fatima Bhutto at father's grave.
Fatima Bhutto (center) visiting her father’s grave.

Without hesitation, Fatima tells me that politics is not a birth right. Sitting next to a life-size portrait of her father, she discusses the issues plaguing Pakistan.

“Part of the problem with Pakistani politics is that an entire nation has been held hostage to a very few, who treat politics like it’s a family business. We need the field to open up so that is why I am not running.”

But in the run up to the January elections, Fatima is busy campaigning for others in her family in Larkana, the Bhutto ancestral village in the province of Sindh. Her father founded an offshoot of the Pakistan People’s Party in the early ’90s, and her mother now is running for a place in the parliament against Benazir. “These elections are going to be tough,” Fatima tells me. “But I am determined to keep my father’s legacy alive.”

It has been more than 10 years since Fatima last spoke to her aunt. She feels that Benazir was complicit in the murder of her father. The proof, she says, lies in the report issued by a tribunal convened after her father’s death, which concluded that the assassination could not have taken place without approval from a “much higher” political authority.

Fatima’s statements are starting to affect Benazir. Local Pakistani newspapers published a story last month in which sources close to Benazir revealed that they were trying to patch things up between the two women.

Fatima’s statements and campaigning are starting to affect Benazir. Local Pakistani newspapers published a story last month in which sources close to the former prime minister revealed that they were trying to patch things up between the two women and to convince Fatima not to make statements against her aunt. Anwar Bhutto, who spoke on behalf of the Pakistan People’s Party, told journalists, “Benazir really wants Fatima to join active politics and she never considers her a rival. She will be an asset for Benazir and the PPP if she enters politics.”

The questions and accusations grow as elections draw closer. Before I leave she tells me that she is worried about what Benazir’s return means for the country. “Her legacy as a two-time prime minister is a legacy of gross corruption. She is estimated to have stolen $1.5 to $3 billion from the Pakistani treasury. It’s one of state violence…”

When I ask Fatima if a reconciliation is in the cards, her response is a vehement, “No.”

“Benazir needs to be tried in court for the crimes that she has committed. We do not see eye to eye on anything and we do not subscribe to her distorted version of democracy.”

Video Credits:
Camera: Mahera Omar, Sohail Ahmed

The full story in


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Aunt Benazir’s false promises – Bhutto’s return bodes poorly for Pakistan — and for democracy there

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Aunt Benazir’s false promises

Bhutto’s return bodes poorly for Pakistan — and for democracy there.

By Fatima Bhutto

November 14, 2007

KARACHI — We Pakistanis live in uncertain times. Emergency rule has been imposed for the 13th time in our short 60-year history. Thousands of lawyers have been arrested, some charged with sedition and treason; the chief justice has been deposed; and a draconian media law — shutting down all private news channels — has been drafted.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of this circus has been the hijacking of the democratic cause by my aunt, the twice-disgraced former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto. While she was hashing out a deal to share power with Gen. Pervez Musharraf last month, she repeatedly insisted that without her, democracy in Pakistan would be a lost cause. Now that the situation has changed, she’s saying that she wants Musharraf to step down and that she’d like to make a deal with his opponents — but still, she says, she’s the savior of democracy.

The reality, however, is that there is no one better placed to benefit from emergency rule than she is. Along with the leaders of prominent Islamic parties, she has been spared the violent retributions of emergency law. Yes, she now appears to be facing seven days of house arrest, but what does that really mean? While she was supposedly under house arrest at her Islamabad residence last week, 50 or so of her party members were comfortably allowed to join her. She addressed the media twice from her garden, protected by police given to her by the state, and was not reprimanded for holding a news conference. (By contrast, the very suggestion that they might hold a news conference has placed hundreds of other political activists under real arrest, in real jails.)

Ms. Bhutto’s political posturing is sheer pantomime. Her negotiations with the military and her unseemly willingness until just a few days ago to take part in Musharraf’s regime have signaled once and for all to the growing legions of fundamentalists across South Asia that democracy is just a guise for dictatorship.

It is widely believed that Ms. Bhutto lost both her governments on grounds of massive corruption. She and her husband, a man who came to be known in Pakistan as “Mr. 10%,” have been accused of stealing more than $1 billion from Pakistan’s treasury. She is appealing a money-laundering conviction by the Swiss courts involving about $11 million. Corruption cases in Britain and Spain are ongoing.

It was particularly unappealing of Ms. Bhutto to ask Musharraf to bypass the courts and drop the many corruption cases that still face her in Pakistan. He agreed, creating the odiously titled National Reconciliation Ordinance in order to do so. Her collaboration with him was so unsubtle that people on the streets are now calling her party, the Pakistan People’s Party, the Pervez People’s Party. Now she might like to distance herself, but it’s too late.

Why did Ms. Bhutto and her party cronies demand that her corruption cases be dropped, but not demand that the cases of activists jailed during the brutal regime of dictator Zia ul-Haq (from 1977 to 1988) not be quashed? What about the sanctity of the law? When her brother Mir Murtaza Bhutto — my father — returned to Pakistan in 1993, he faced 99 cases against him that had been brought by Zia’s military government. The cases all carried the death penalty. Yet even though his sister was serving as prime minister, he did not ask her to drop the cases. He returned, was arrested at the airport and spent the remaining years of his life clearing his name, legally and with confidence, in the courts of Pakistan.

Ms. Bhutto’s repeated promises to end fundamentalism and terrorism in Pakistan strain credulity because, after all, the Taliban government that ran Afghanistan was recognized by Pakistan under her last government — making Pakistan one of only three governments in the world to do so.

And I am suspicious of her talk of ensuring peace. My father was a member of Parliament and a vocal critic of his sister’s politics. He was killed outside our home in 1996 in a carefully planned police assassination while she was prime minister. There were 70 to 100 policemen at the scene, all the streetlights had been shut off and the roads were cordoned off. Six men were killed with my father. They were shot at point-blank range, suffered multiple bullet wounds and were left to bleed on the streets.

My father was Benazir’s younger brother. To this day, her role in his assassination has never been adequately answered, although the tribunal convened after his death under the leadership of three respected judges concluded that it could not have taken place without approval from a “much higher” political authority.

I have personal reasons to fear the danger that Ms. Bhutto’s presence in Pakistan brings, but I am not alone. The Islamists are waiting at the gate. They have been waiting for confirmation that the reforms for which the Pakistani people have been struggling have been a farce, propped up by the White House. Since Musharraf seized power in 1999, there has been an earnest grass-roots movement for democratic reform. The last thing we need is to be tied to a neocon agenda through a puppet “democrat” like Ms. Bhutto.

By supporting Ms. Bhutto, who talks of democracy while asking to be brought to power by a military dictator, the only thing that will be accomplished is the death of the nascent secular democratic movement in my country. Democratization will forever be de-legitimized, and our progress in enacting true reforms will be quashed. We Pakistanis are certain of this.

Fatima Bhutto is a Pakistani poet and writer. She is the daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, who was killed in 1996 in Karachi when his sister, Benazir, was prime minister.

The story in,0,2482408.story?coll=la-opinion-center


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Pak govt reveals how Benazir was killed

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Pak govt reveals how Benazir was killed

Mystery shrouds the death of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto. In an explosive revelation, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz on Friday said that Bhutto did not die of bullet wounds


Friday December 28, 08:26 PM

New Delhi: Mystery shrouds the death of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto. In an explosive revelation, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz on Friday said that Bhutto did not die of bullet wounds.Nawaz said that Bhutto died from a head injury. At least seven doctors from the Rawalpindi General Hospital – where the leader was rushed immediately after the attack – say there were no bullet marks on Bhutto’s body.The doctors have submitted a report to the Pakistan government in which they say that no post-mortem was performed on Bhutto’s body and they had not received any instructions to perform one.

“The report says she had head injuries – an irregular patch – and the X-ray doesn’t show any bullet in the head. So it was probably the shrapnel or any other thing has struck her in her said. That damaged her brain, causing it to ooze and her death. The report categorically ssyas there’s no wound other than that,” Nawaz told a Pakistani news channel.

Government sources say there will be an investigation to determine why no autopsy was conducted.

According to agency reports doctors at the Rawalpindi General Hospital tried desperately for 41 minutes to revive former prime minister Bhutto after she was shot but failed in their efforts.

Bhutto was declared dead 41 minutes after she was brought the hospital’s emergency department at 1735 hrs (local time) (1805 hrs IST) with open wounds on her left temporal bone from which “brain matter was exuding”, the report said.

It said Bhutto was not breathing at the time and her pulse and blood pressure “were not recordable”.

IANS adds: According to the report, “immediate resuscitation (process) was started” and she was taken to the operation theatre where she was attended by a team of doctors headed by Musaddiq Khan, principal of the Rawalpindi Medical College, Dawn reported Friday.

“Left antrolateral thoracotomy for open cardiac massage was performed,” the hospital report said, adding: “In spite of all the possible measures she could not be revived and (was) declared dead at 1816 hrs IST (6.16 p.m.).”

An autopsy was not carried out at the hospital “because the district administration and police had not requested the hospital authorities (for this)”, the report said.

Bhutto was shot not far from where Pakistan’s first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan was killed by an assassin’s bullet on Oct 16, 1951.

The full story in


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FLASHBACK: To Saddam Hussein

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

FLASHBACK: To Saddam Hussein

Layla Anwar, An Arab Woman Blues

Thursday, December 28, 2006

When I hear a piece of news , a verdict, or a story that touches me deeply , I freeze. I usually can’t comment on it straight away nor gather my thoughts and feelings in any coherent form. It takes me time to distill , digest and absorb. I am not a journalist , I cannot report “things”. Reporting takes a certain detachment and when it comes to Iraq , am not detached . I am very attached. Terribly attached.

Such piece of news reached me yesterday . That of your Execution. I will address you as Saddam Hussein, Sir. Even though I still consider you to be the legitimate President of Iraq, allow me not to use any formalities here. Let us forget titles , ranks and the rest . When it comes to Death , all protocols fall. Death has this even power – We are all equal in the face of it. Death knows no kings, no heads of state, no generals. It strikes and it leaves. And you know that too.

What remains though is the Legacy left behind. A Legacy made of words and acts. When I compare for instance Your Legacy to that of george bush the american , I see that: You have remained true to your word until your last breath.

I don’t care what they say about You . The misuses and abuses of power, the Dujails, the Anfals and the rest of the well knitted pieces of grossly exaggerated melodramas. I know one Truth Sir,You stayed in Iraq and did not run away like the rest. You did not seek asylum in the USA , Egypt or Jordan like others. You did not pack your bags nor your millions. You stayed and that is what matters to me.

Forgive me Sir, I am not a very sophisticated woman. I speak a simple language , the language of the heart. No one hardly ever recognizes this dialect these days. But I have a feeling, that despite all your alleged hardness, You would.

You know, my Dad before passing away said to me a few sentences that have remained with me since. He said : My Daughter, many things will come to pass in this life. You will face many trials and many errors. One thing you need to be certain of though, don’t ever loose your integrity nor your dignity. The day you SELL those, you would have sold your soul. And all is downhill from there.

Sir, I am proud that you have not sold neither.

In that you have helped us preserve our “own” intact.

As for the rest , don’t worry about them. They will end up in the dustbins of history. They will end up cited as thugs, profiteering, sectarian, opportunistic, hypocrites. I feel sorry to say that about the people you believe in . But that is the Truth.

Sir, take an example . Even your so called tribunal is made of an ex accountant, turned waiter turned thief. This is no verdict , this is a circus, a zoo. And they are the animals.

What pains me most is that they succeeded in massacring yet another TRUE IRAQI.

A true Iraqi amongst many thousands. And this is what You are .

Granted, you had your downsides , your shadow. But it pales in comparison to what the “Land of the Free ” is doing to us. Your shadow is like a ray of sunlight, Sir.

A friend who is not an Iraqi, nor an Arab , nor a Muslim wrote to me . She said :

” I feel a pit in my stomach that will not go away. My sister cried upon hearing the verdict. How dare they ? What is this collective punishment by the White Man? I will not stay quiet…”

Another wrote a poem in your honor and she is from England .
And others wrote some more .
Even Iraqis who left the country and had known the coldness of exile , wrote denouncing …

I am aware that words serve nothing now. But just to let you know that you are not alone.

Sir, If you allow me, try to imagine this. Try to imagine barbaric hordes coming from across oceans . Try to imagine herds of indoctrinated sheep from across borders dressed in black . Try to imagine every single scum bag in the land that you so eloquently praise, rising up and ganging up against you. What does that make You? It makes you a Hero Sir. Yes it does. If all those armies , sectarians and sellout vermins conspired against You it is because You have stayed True to something. And darkness hates the Truth.

They say you were authoritarian and totalitarian. Come and see them now.

See their Fascism infesting the streets. See it in every neighborhood, see it in every corner .

You said Women are the Pioneers of this Arab Ummah , come and look at us now.

Rape has replaced sexual intercourse, censorship replaced education and forced domestication has replaced public life.

You said Education is the sign of a Progressive Ummah. Our schools and universities are empty.And our Brains drained and killed.

You said Health is Free for all. Our hospitals are dilapidated and our doctors in exode.

You said Kurds are our brothers, they are now being trained as snipers by Israel.

You said Christians and Muslims are part of this mosaic called Iraq. The Christians are fleeing by thousands and the churches are deserted.

Look at me Sir. I am a product of this wonderful mosaic called Iraq. I am half Muslim and half Christian. And the Muslim half has Shi’as and if you dig hard enough you will find Kurdish, Armenian, Turkish, Chaldean, Arabic roots all the way back…

Where is my place now Sir ?

You are about to find your place soon. Like a bird flying to nest into the arms of the Sky.

Whilst, I am left behind waiting for my turn. And in the meantime, searching , desperately searching for a place to rest my tired head and finding none.

Sir, I heard they will execute You within 36 hours. In time for the Eid. Our sacrificial feast.

You did say you are willing to be sacrificed for Iraq . You still believe they are worth it .

I envy your Faith.

May you go in Peace now, my True Iraqi…

Painting :Iraqi Artist, Dr Ala’a Al Bashir.

The full story in


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The Israeli army attack school boys near Hebron

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The Israeli army attack school boys near Hebron

Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC
Thursday December 27, 2007

The Israeli army invaded the village of Sourif located near the southern West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday midday and clashed with local school boys.

Local sources said that several military jeeps stormed the village and started to provoke the local school boys as they were leaving their school. Soldiers detained some of the children and beat them up.

Witnesses said that in response to the soldiers’ actions the children threw stones and empty glass bottles at the invading troops, soldiers in their turn opened fire using live rounds and tear gas, medical sources reported no injures.

Soldiers left the village shortly after.

The full story in

Israeli soldiers in action – File 2007


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Navy JAG Resigns Over Torture Issue : “There was a time when I served with pride … Sadly, no more.”

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Navy JAG Resigns Over Torture Issue

“There was a time when I served with pride … Sadly, no more.”

Knight Ridder | December 27, 2007

“It was with sadness that I signed my name this grey morning to a letter resigning my commission in the U.S. Navy,” wrote Gig Harbor, Wash., resident and attorney-at-law Andrew Williams in a letter to The Peninsula Gateway last week. “There was a time when I served with pride … Sadly, no more.”Williams’ sadness stems from the recent CIA videotape scandal in which tapes showing secret interrogations of two Al Qaeda operatives were destroyed.

The tapes may have contained evidence that the U.S. government used a type of torture known as waterboarding to obtain information from suspected terrorists.

Torture, including water-boarding, is prohibited under the treaties of the Geneva Convention.

It was in the much-publicized interview two weeks ago between Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Brig. Gen. Thomas Hartmann, who is the chief legal adviser at the Pentagon’s Office of Military Commissions, that led Williams to resign.

In the interview, Graham asked Hartmann how the uniformed legal community should respond if the Iranian government used waterboarding to torture a U.S. solider into disclosing when the next U.S. military operation would occur.

Hartmann responded: “I am not prepared to answer that question.”

For Williams, a former naval Lieutenant Commander and member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG), this answer went against “every training I had as an attorney” and as a member of the military.

Williams enlisted in the Navy in 1991 after completing law school at Santa Clara University. He was a legal officer and defense counsel in the U.S. Navy, meaning he both prosecuted and defended people in military courts.

He served on the USS Nimitz CVN-68, based in Bremerton, before becoming a member of the Naval reserves in 1995.

Williams, 43, felt that Hartmann was admitting torture is now an acceptable interrogation technique in the United States — an admission that did not sit well with him.

“There was this saying in the Marines: ‘We don’t lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate people who do,’ ” Williams said. “And that sort of echoed through the Navy.”

Williams felt that resigning from the reserves was not enough to demonstrate his dissatisfaction. He wrote to the Gateway hoping to set an example, echoing his same reason for joining the Navy two decades ago: “It was my way of serving the public,” he said.

In his letter, Williams likened the use of torture by the United States to techniques used by the Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany and the Khmer Rouge. He also wrote that he hopes “the truth about torture, illegal spying on Americans and secret renditions is coming out.”

Williams doubts that much will come of his letter of resignation and acknowledges that his life in Gig Harbor — which consists of practicing personal injury law and spending time with wife and young son — will not change much.

“I suspect (the Navy is) probably going to be fine with it,” he said. “I doubt they would keep me in voluntarily.”

He also states that, although reserve officers only perform military service once a year, he “probably would have stayed on if this hadn’t happened, both for sentimental value and if something big happened where I was needed.”

Outrage over CIA scandal

Below is an excerpt from the letter Andrew Williams submitted to The Peninsula Gateway. For the entire letter, see Letters to the Editor 16A.

“Thank you General Hartmann for finally admitting the United States is now part of a long tradition of torturers going back to the Inquisition. In the middle ages the Inquisition called waterboarding “toca” and used it with great success. In colonial times, it was used by the Dutch East India Company during the Amboyna Massacre of 1623.

“Waterboarding was used by the Nazi Gestapo and the feared Japanese Kempeitai. In World War II, our grandfathers had the wisdom to convict Japanese Officer Yukio Asano of waterboarding and other torture practices in 1947 giving him 15 years hard labor. Waterboarding was practiced by the Khmer Rouge at the infamous Tuol Sleng prison. Most recently, the United States Army court martialed a soldier for the practice in 1968 during the Vietnam conflict.”

Sound Off…What do you think?

The full story in,13319,158983,00.html


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9/11 : Exactly how, in detail CIA and Media worked together to start the War in Iraq.

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

9/11 : Exactly how, in detail CIA and Media worked together to start the War in Iraq.

Scott Ritter, former weapons inspector lets loose a barrage on Adnan al Haideri the so called engineer that says he built all the chemical bunkers that we never found. The Bush administration used out right lies and propaganda to fight a war that never needed to be fought.

If below video doesn’t load, try This Link instead…

The full story in


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9/11 Was an INSIDE JOB!

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

9/11 Was an INSIDE JOB!

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Cossiga, the man who set up Operation Gladio tells Italy’s largest newspaper attacks were run by the USA’s CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

Exploding across the Internet in one of the biggest bombshells to date, is the thoughts from a man who has had inside knowledge of these kinds of things since the get-go. He’s also dying from cancer and has nothing left to lose. He’s been an insider to the intelligence community for decades and well-respected in Italy. He says, along with himself, that it’s now a common belief among current intelligence people that 9/11 was, indeed, an inside job!

He’s one of the people who revealed the existence of a top-secret CIA plan in Europe during the cold war that used “false-flag” operations designed to paint any pro-Soviet groups in Europe as terrorists. This was a careful scheme to plant double agents within the lefty ranks and also to use bombing and assassination to make those commies look evil to the general population (somethings never change). The plan was called Operation Gladio.

Cossiga revealed all of this to the Italian Parliament in the year 2000. His honesty and integrity over the entire matter made him beloved by his people and yet the powers that be, used his revelations to force him out of office for exposing the real deal. Now, he’s saying that the attack on the US was an obvious false flag event staged by the CIA along with the Israeli Mossad to give them an excuse to do what they will in the Mideast:

Former Italian President and the man who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, Francesco Cossiga, has gone public on 9/11, telling Italy’s most respected newspaper that the attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies.

Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job

If you can read Italian, here’s the source newspaper: Corriere della Sera, it’s supposed to be Italy’s oldest and most widely respected Newspaper. Evidently the Jews have yet to buy them out!

Everywhere, on the Internet people are talking. All kinds of perfectly legitimate people are looking at the evidence with an open-mindedness that defies the black-out and ridicule tactics of the mainstream media –controlled by the Zionist Jews.

Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Pilots and the like, are all joining the 9/11 truth movement –all across the land. People are calling on the government to reopen the 9/11 investigation and not to ignore the evidence that the 9/11 Commission blatantly turned their backs on when the Bush Jew Philip Zelikow ran things. Truth has a funny way of making it out. All of these Zionist gambits are now being exposed for what they truly are: Perfidy on a massive scale!


Sure do look like a bunch of NeoNazis to me! Right.

But make clear note about one thing and read this upcoming paragraph twice if you have to:

The Jew is now attempting to hide once again! That’s right. He’s mobilizing the anti-Racists activists, Liberal/Progressive groups into thinking that the whole thing is nothing but some giant Bush/Cheney Neocon Nazi plot! He’s using his favorite tactic by calling everything “Nazi,” as usual. Make clear note on how the Media has hidden all these things from you and who owns the media in the first place? The Zionist, Globalist Jew. His media has been trying to paint all of this 9/11 thing as crazy talk for 6 years and now he’s trying to give himself a political vehicle to hide himself from the real truths bursting out all over.

Don’t let them get away with this!

“I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war (see my review of Jim Bamford’s “Pretext for War”), and I am forced to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others of a neo-conservative neo-Nazi coup d’etat and kick-off of the clash of civilizations (see my review of “Crossing the Rubicon” as well as “State of Denial”). Most fascinatingly, the author links Samuel Huntington, author of “Clash of Civilizations” with Leo Strauss, the connecting rod between Nazi fascists and the neo-cons.” Article here

These people are attempting to describe the Neocons as being Neo-Nazi! Unbelievable! The Neocons have always been predominately Jewish and were once described by Israeli press as being “warm Jews,” meaning they were Israel-Firsters– totally supporting the Zionist state from their positions of power within Washington, DC.

And I guess that the Zionist, Dual Citizens of Israel Michael Chertoff and our new Attorney General, Michael Mukasey are really secret Nazis after-all!

This Jew/Nazi gambit actually works with some of the brain-dead since they just refuse to look at the real facts to the on-going Jewish manipulations of race politics and the mass media brainwashing of this country. It’s simply astounding to me that they believe any of it, since the media is obviously in cahoots with the whole government ”al-Qaeda theory” and owned by the Zionist Jews. Imagine, if you will, if the US media was truly free and that Cheney was an Evil Nazi Dictator behind 9/11? Then, they would be “like so busted” within 6 months of 9/11!

No, the Zionist Mossad has his fingerprints all over 9/11. And the US media has been totally complicit in hiding this fact from the American people. They’ve been hiding the North American Union, the Globalist’s schemes like NAFTA against you and all of the Zionist apartheid behavior in Israel. And now they’ll expect you to believe that their hands are quite clean of all this and it’s been nothing but another Nazi plot. Oh the horrors –not those evil Nazis again!

Many people on the Internet are now calling the Jews “ZioNazi” to turn the tables on this game. Plus, it’s an apt description considering all of the Nazi-like behavior of the Zionists towards the Palestinians in Israel. In fact, I’m considering using it, as well.

–Phillip Marlowe

The story about the Israeli Mossad setting up a fake Al-Qaeda operation: Fake Al-Qaeda Israeli Cell

The full story in


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Posted by musliminsuffer on December 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===


Friday, December 28, 2007

Whenever turmoil is created in our world, such as assassination and bombing, and the neocons rush to point the finger of blame at ‘al Qaeda’ or some other associated ‘terror’ organisation, one can be reasonably sure that what the world has witnessed is yet another false flag operation perpetrated by a group or groups that have some ulterior, political, or even pecuniary motive or motives for creating such turmoil. And such is the case with the assassination yesterday of Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto.Pakistani politics has always been volatile and every election is guaranteed to bring about the deaths of scores of people from political violence during election campaigns. Political assassinations also have always been a part of political life, not just in Pakistan but across the entire sub-continent, ever since the end of British rule. In the past, such political violence has always been home-grown and committed by domestic political players for purely domestic political reasons. However, the death of Benazir Bhutto has repercussions and consequences that extend far beyond Pakistani domestic politics and it is for this reason that one should be sceptical about who the finger of blame is being pointed at. More importantly, one should also look at the political gain that those who are doing the finger pointing could expect to receive as a result of making such accusations.

When blame is apportioned in the mainstream western media there is a tendency for it to stick. For many, that same mainstream western media is all they have to rely on to provide them with their information about events in the world, so when journalists and commentators write their ‘news’ and vent their opinions in the mainstream media it becomes difficult to refute or argue with and any attempts by those that have other ideas about what may really have happened are usually dismissed as conspiracy theorists. In order to ensure that the right ‘message’ gets across, therefore, it is imperative that when events – like the assassination of Benazir Bhutto – happens that the finger of blame gets pointed as quickly as possible and that such blame is made well-known via as much of the mainstream media as possible before any other options could be placed into the collective world mind.

The question then is; who indeed did murder Benazir Bhutto? In the absence of any direct evidence from any quarter, one can only start by asking who had the most to gain by her murder. According to President Bush the “cowardly” attack was carried out by “…by murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan’s democracy”. The first thing one feels compelled to ask is; what democracy? Pakistan is governed by a dictatorship headed by President Musharraf who came to power via a coup and has been supported by the US ever since 9/11. Elections that bore some semblance to ‘democracy’ and were likely to see the demise Musharraf as President are scheduled for 8 January 2008. These are now in doubt, so Musharraf, it would seem, would have much to gain from Benazir Bhutto’s murder. But what would ‘al Qaeda’ have to gain from her death? To be sure, to most fighters who are defending fundamentalist Islam from the onslaught of the West, she was just another western-inspired and educated politician intent on power in Pakistan but she was no more a threat to ‘al Qaeda’ than any other politician in Pakistan looking for power. They certainly would have no reason to kill her – at least not just yet – though no doubt they would be quite happy about the fact that she is gone.

For the US and her allies, particularly Israel, it is essential that Musharraf retains power. Both the US and Israel are very sensitive to the fact that Pakistan does have nuclear arms and that it is a predominately Muslim nation and that there is a large element of Islamic fundamentalists within the nations political ranks who it would be reasonable to assume have a very strong chance of gaining or seizing power in Pakistan and who would have the Taliban of Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan as an ally rather than as an enemy as they are now of Musharraf. Power passing to Benazir Bhutto via an election would have been much easier to seize by Islamic fundamentalists than from Musharraf if that is their intention – another reason why it would not be in their interests to assassinate her.

Musharraf is the devil the US and the Israelis know. Benazir Bhutto has had power before and lost it; she was popular but she was not strong. Pakistani political power, as far as the US and the Israelis are concerned, should remain in the hands of the devil they have already paid for. The death of Benazir Bhutto may well ensure that power stays with Musharraf and pointing the finger of blame for her death at ‘al Qaeda’ merely strengthens the perception in the West for there to be a strong Pakistani leader and further demonises ‘al Qaeda’ generally into the bargain thus perpetuating the myth of its continued existence.

The full story in


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Government Brings Death and Destruction Back to Somalia

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Government Brings Death and Destruction Back to Somalia

by Sadia Ali Ade

December 27, 2007

Approximately three months ago, Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG), pressured out Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi. Surprisingly, this political re-arrangement of deckchairs generated much noisy headlines.

Meanwhile the real story – the great unfolding humanitarian disaster – continued unnoticed.

For the Somali people, the Ethiopian invasion of December of 2006 could not have started at a worse time. Defeating the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and propping up the TFG; this was Ethiopia’s immediate rationale for violating Somalia. The larger goal? Forging a partnership between Washington and Addis Ababa in order to execute the “war on terror”…

A year later, this mission has not been accomplished. Instead, the “war on terror” has become the terror of war being visited on the Somali people.

Admittedly a handful of Somalis have benefited from the invasion, specifically the dozens of warlords previously driven out of Mogadishu by the UIC. These warlords, the instigators of Somalia’s current civil conflict, were reinstalled in their fiefdoms riding on the backs of Ethiopia’s invading tanks. As a result, the reviled check points and road blocks used to bully cash out of unarmed civilians were reintroduced in Southern Somalia, particularly Mogadishu.

To keep the invasion and Africa’s worst humanitarian catastrophe going, heavy and modern weapons, including airplanes were used. One was a U.S. Air Force AC-130 gunship that attacked and killed Somali villagers and countless livestock in the hunt for three foreign men suspected for the bombing of 1998 American embassies in Africa, who yet remain at large.

Among those caught in the chaos were visiting Somalis from the Diaspora. In the period between June and December 2006, Somali technocrats returned to their native country to partake the rebuilding in the six month period of peace and stability that was established under the rule of the UIC. The Diaspora arrived with the intention of giving back to the land and the people they left behind and contribute to rebuilding their lives.

Unfortunately, extraordinary rendition programs were the gratitude they received; in that, the TFG, Kenya, Ethiopia and US all being implicated. Young men as young as 12 years of age were taken out of their homes in the dead of the night, blindfolded and taken to unknown destinations.

Fleeing refugees of mostly women and children met a similar fate. Unfortunately, these refugees had no where to escape, as Kenya decided to close its borders and deny them entry. This paved the way to the current nightmare scenario: 1 million internally displaced persons (IDPs,) mostly children and women, without any provision or protection from the UN or other humanitarian agencies or NGOs.

In order to create a safe haven for the displaced refugees, the international community must demand the neighboring countries open their borders. It is all too often that the casualties of war are those that are unmentioned. The innocent men, women and children, caught in the middle, left with no way out.

The UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, said border security measures should not impair the ability of deserving Somali civilians to enter Kenya to seek safety and protection as refugees. The neighboring Nations have a humanitarian responsibility to safeguard these refugees.

On October 30, 2007, 40 international NGOs have released a joint statement ominously warning against a gathering cloud of humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia urging the international community to respond to this man-made calamity as the Ethiopian forces and militias loyal to the (TFG) callously prevent the delivery, and bluntly stating that “there is an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in South Central Somalia.”

Meanwhile, Ethiopian forces continue their shelling of Mogadishu neighborhoods and killing, according to Elman Human Rights group, 7000 civilians mostly women, children, and elderly between January and November of 2007.

“In ‘Shell-Shocked,’ Human Rights Watch’s August 2007 report of our investigation of the March-April hostilities, we documented many of the most serious patterns of abuse by Ethiopian troops, such as indiscriminate attacks on civilians, summary executions and repeated targeting of hospitals,” wrote Tom Malinowski, Washington Advocacy Director for Human Rights Watch, in an open letter to Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

However, the international media by and large remain morally selective in what they show to the world.

Somali caricaturist Amin Amir depicts this moral selectivity on his December 12, 2007 cartoon. The powerful imagery shows a representative of the international media zooming his camera on a severely malnourished child standing in the middle of a killing field where many bodies are on the ground and Ethiopian fighter jets are flying overhead and dropping missiles. The child retorts: I don’t need your coverage; it is these atrocities – pointing to the dead – that you need to be telling the world.

The current Somali nightmare was exacerbated by the systematic assassination of Somali independent media groups who are not pro-TFG and the Ethiopian occupation. And the silence of the international community on this matter is deeply disturbing and sadly deafening.

This year alone, eight Somali journalists were killed – their crimes being to have simply dared reporting the reality on the grounds of Mogadishu. The TFG-Ethiopian forces are terrorizing Somali reporters, creating an uncomfortable environment of terror and coercion.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, one quarter of the refugees around Afgooye are younger than age of five. Sick children and pregnant women often are turned away at checkpoints, and trucks carrying food and other humanitarian aid are routinely charged $500 each for passing through.

“Things are now getting absolutely worse,” said Christian Balslev-Olesen, the UNICEF representative for Somalia. “There is a dirtiness to this war. Children are a real target.”

The full story in


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IRAQ: Saddam Provided More Food Than the U.S.

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

IRAQ: Saddam Provided More Food Than the U.S.

By Ahmed Ali and Dahr Jamail*

BAQUBA, Dec 27 (IPS) – The Iraqi government announcement that monthly food rations will be cut by half has left many Iraqis asking how they can survive.

The government also wants to reduce the number of people depending on the rationing system by five million by June 2008.

Iraq’s food rations system was introduced by the Saddam Hussein government in 1991 in response to the UN economic sanctions. Families were allotted basic foodstuffs monthly because the Iraqi Dinar and the economy collapsed.

The sanctions, imposed after Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of Kuwait, were described as “genocidal” by Denis Halliday, then UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq. Halliday quit his post in protest against the U.S.-backed sanctions.

The sanctions killed half a million Iraqi children, and as many adults, according to the UN. They brought malnutrition, disease, and lack of medicines. Iraqis became nearly completely reliant on food rations for survival. The programme has continued into the U.S.-led occupation.

But now the U.S.-backed Iraqi government has announced it will halve the essential items in the ration because of “insufficient funds and spiralling inflation.”

The cuts, which are to be introduced in the beginning of 2008, have drawn widespread criticism. The Iraqi government is unable to supply the rations with several billion dollars at its disposal, whereas Saddam Hussein was able to maintain the programme with less than a billion dollars.

“In 2007, we asked for 3.2 billion dollars for rationing basic foodstuffs,” Mohammed Hanoun, Iraq’s chief of staff for the ministry of trade told al-Jazeera. “But since the prices of imported foodstuff doubled in the past year, we requested 7.2 billion dollars for this year. That request was denied.”

The trade ministry is now preparing to slash the list of subsidised items by half to five basic food items, “namely flour, sugar, rice, oil, and infant milk,” Hanoun said.

The imminent move will affect nearly 10 million people who depend on the rationing system. But it has already caused outrage in Baquba, 40 km northeast of Baghdad.

“The monthly food ration was the only help from the government,” local grocer Ibrahim al-Ageely told IPS. “It was of great benefit for the families. The food ration consisted of two kilos of rice, sugar, soap, tea, detergent, wheat flour, lentils, chick-peas, and other items for every individual.”

Another grocer said the food ration was the “life of all Iraqis; every month, Iraqis wait in queues to receive their food rations.”

According to an Oxfam International report released in July this year, “60 percent (of Iraqis) currently have access to rations through the government-run Public Distribution System (PDS), down from 96 percent in 2004.”

The report said that “43 percent of Iraqis suffer from absolute poverty,” and that according to some estimates over half the population are now without work. “Children are hit the hardest by the decline in living standards. Child malnutrition rates have risen from 19 percent before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 to 28 percent now.”

While salaries have increased since the invasion of March 2003, they have not kept pace with the dramatic increase in the prices of food and fuel.

“My salary is 280 dollars, and I have six children,” 49-year-old secondary school teacher Ali Kadhim told IPS. “The increase in my salary was neutralised by an increase in the price of food. I cannot afford to buy the foodstuffs in addition to the other necessary expenses of life.”

“The high increase in food prices led people to condemn the delays in the ration every month,” Salah Kadhim, an employee in the directorate-general of health for Diyala province told IPS. “The jobless just cannot afford to buy food.”

“The food ration still represents a big part of the domestic budget,” Muneer Lafta, a 51-year-old employee at the health directorate told IPS. Without the ration, she said, families have to go to the market. Because Iraqi families are large, usually six to 12 people, shopping for food is simply unaffordable.

“I and my wife have five boys and six girls, so the ration costs a lot when it has to be bought,” 55-year-old resident Khalaf Atiya told IPS. “I cannot afford food and also other expenses like study, clothes, doctors.”

People in Baquba, living with violence and joblessness for long, are now preparing for this new twist.

“No security, no food, no electricity, no trade, no services. So life is good,” said one resident, who would not give his name.

Many fear the food ration cuts can spark unrest. “The government will commit a big mistake, because providing enough food ration could compensate the government’s mistakes in other fields like security,” a local physician told IPS. “The Iraq will now feel that he, or she, is of no value to the government.”

(*Ahmed, our correspondent in Iraq’s Diyala province, works in close collaboration with Dahr Jamail, our U.S.-based specialist writer on Iraq who has reported extensively from Iraq and the Middle East) (END/2007)

The full story in


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Fallujah, the Information War, and U.S. Propaganda

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Fallujah, the Information War, and U.S. Propaganda

The U.S. Army’s Intelligence Analysis of the April 2004 Fallujah Attack

By Stephen Soldz

12/27/07 “ICH” — – Now receded into distant memory for many, the battle for the Iraqi city of Fallujah, accompanied by the al Sadr uprising in the south, was a decisive turning point in the Iraq occupation. These battles demonstrated to much of the world that the occupation was deeply unpopular among many Iraqis, who were willing and able to fight the occupation to a stalemate. These battles both ended in standoffs, as the U.S. forces felt constrained from unleashing their full military capabilities to crush the resistance. New insights into the thinking of the U.S. military are available from a U.S. army intelligence analysis — by the Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center — of the first Fallujah battle entitled Complex Environments: Battle of Fallujah I, April 2004 that was leaked this week on the Wikileaks web site.


The first battle for Fallujah (the second, in November 2004, resulted in the city’s capture by occupation forces) began when images circulated of four contractors being lynched from a bridge in the city. This new document confirms that the attack on Fallujah was designed to crush a symbol of resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq:


“On 31 March 2004, four American Blackwater contractors were killed and images of their bodies being burned and mutilated were broadcast on television around the world. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, CENTCOM Commander GEN Abizaid, and Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Ambassador Bremer decided a military response was needed immediately. Fallujah had become a symbol of resistance that dominated international headlines.”


Media War


As befits a symbolic battle, the analysis makes clear that the information war was primary. The failure of the Marines’ attack to retake Fallujah was caused, the authors claim, by resistance (“insurgents” in their lingo) forces’ success in getting their message out to the world.


“Insurgents demonstrated a keen understanding of the value of information operations. IO was one of the insurgents’ most effective levers to raise political pressure for a cease-fire. They fed disinformation [sic] to television networks, posted propaganda on the Internet to recruit volunteers and solicit financial donations, and spread rumors through the street.”


The report echo’s the concern of American leaders about the influence of Al Jazeera and other Arab media at conveying the rebel’s side of the story:


“Arab satellite news channels were crucial to building political pressure to halt military operations. For example, CPA documented 34 stories on Al Jazeera that misreported or distorted battlefield events between 6 and 13 April. Between 14 and 20 April, Al Jazeera used the “excessive force” theme 11 times and allowed various anti-Coalition factions to claim that U.S. forces were using cluster bombs against urban areas and kidnapping and torturing Iraqi children. Six negative reports by al-Arabiyah focused almost exclusively on the excessive force theme. Overall, the qualitative content of negative reports increasingly was shrill in tone, and both TV stations appeared willing to take even the most baseless claims as fact.


“During the first week of April, insurgents invited a reporter from Al Jazeera, Ahmed Mansour, and his film crew into Fallujah where they filmed scenes of dead babies from the hospital, presumably killed by Coalition air strikes. Comparisons were made to the Palestinian Intifada. Children were shown bespattered with blood; mothers were shown screaming and mourning.”


The report also makes clear that, in the military’s opinion, the Western press is part of the U.S.’s propaganda operation. This process was facilitated by the embedding of Western reporters in U.S. military units. The U.S. failure in this battle was largely attributable, the authors claim, to the absence of embedded reporters to convey the military’s story.


“The absence of Western media in Fallujah allowed the insurgents greater control of information coming out of Fallujah. Because Western reporters were at risk of capture and beheading, they stayed out and were forced to pool video shot by Arab cameramen and played on Al Jazeera. This led to further reinforcement of anti-Coalition propaganda. For example, false allegations of up to 600 dead and 1000 wounded civilians could not be countered by Western reporters because they did not have access to the battlefield.

“Western reporters were also not embedded in Marine units fighting in Fallujah. In the absence of countervailing visual evidence presented by military authorities, Al Jazeera shaped the world’s understanding of Fallujah.”


This account, however, is false. There were at least two “Western reporters,” as well as other Western civilians, inside Fallujah giving detailed information on the effects of the fighting on civilians. While briefly detained by rebels, they were quickly released, rather than beheaded. The report ignores these reporters as they were independents, neither embedded with the U.S. military nor bound by the implicit rules of the mainstream media to give special consideration to U.S. military claims and perspectives. Further, the accounts of these reporters and observers contradicted American military claims.


Civilian Casualties


Dahr Jamail, at that time a reporter for the now defunct New Standard, felt obligated to go into the besieged city.


“As I was there, an endless stream of women and children who’d been sniped by the Americans were being raced into the dirty clinic, the cars speeding over the curb out front as their wailing family members carried them in.

“One woman and small child had been shot through the neck — the woman was making breathy gurgling noises as the doctors frantically worked on her amongst her muffled moaning.


“The small child, his eyes glazed and staring into space, continually vomited as the doctors raced to save his life.

“After 30 minutes, it appeared as though neither of them would survive.”


Contrary to the army report’s claim that no cluster bombs were used in the attack, Jamail saw wounds suspiciously like those from that weapon:


“There had been reports of this, as two of the last victims that arrived at the clinic were reported by the locals to have been hit by cluster bombs — they were horribly burned and their bodies shredded.”


Another of these nonexistent Western reporters was Rahul Mahajan, who wrote for various alternative news sites, as well as his Empire Notes blog. He reported from Fallujah on April 11, 2003. Since Mahajan was in the same group with Jamail, it is perhaps not surprising that he also reported extensive civilian casualties:


“During the course of the roughly four hours we were at that small clinic, we saw perhaps a dozen wounded brought in. Among them was a young woman, 18 years old, shot in the head. She was having a seizure and foaming at the mouth when they brought here in; doctors did not expect her to survive the night. Another likely terminal case was a young boy with massive internal bleeding. I also saw a man with extensive burns on his upper body and wounds in his thighs that might have been from a cluster bomb; there was no way to verify in the madhouse scene of wailing relatives, shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great), and anger at the Americans.”


The intelligence report claims that “Red Crescent ambulances transported fighters” yet does not discus how this alleged situation was dealt with by the U.S. troops. Mahajan, like other Westerners in the city, provides elucidation of this gap by reporting that the Americans were firing on ambulances, including ones containing civilians:


“I had heard these claims at third-hand before coming into Fallujah, but was skeptical. It’s very difficult to find the real story here. But this I saw for myself. An ambulance with two neat, precise bullet-holes in the windshield on the driver’s side, pointing down at an angle that indicated they would have hit the driver’s chest (the snipers were on rooftops, and are trained to aim for the chest). Another ambulance again with a single, neat bullet-hole in the windshield. There’s no way this was due to panicked spraying of fire. These were deliberate shots to kill people driving the ambulances.

“The ambulances go around with red, blue, or green lights flashing and sirens blaring; in the pitch-dark of a blacked-out city there is no way they can be missed or mistaken for something else). An ambulance that some of our compatriots were going around in, trading on their whiteness to get the snipers to let them through to pick up the wounded was also shot at while we were there.”


Jo Wilding, a British observer also among the Westerners in Fallujah, was in one of the ambulances fired upon, on a trip to pick up a pregnant woman and transport her to the hospital. She and the ambulance staff hoped that the presence of Westerners would help protect from American attack. They were wrong:


“Azzam is driving, Ahmed in the middle directing him and me by the window, the visible foreigner, the passport. Something scatters across my hand, simultaneous with the crashing of a bullet through the ambulance, some plastic part dislodged, flying through the window.


“We stop, turn off the siren, keep the blue light flashing, wait, eyes on the silhouettes of men in US marine uniforms on the corners of the buildings. Several shots come. We duck, get as low as possible and I can see tiny red lights whipping past the window, past my head. Some, it’s hard to tell, are hitting the ambulance I start singing. What else do you do when someone’s shooting at you? A tyre bursts with an enormous noise and a jerk of the vehicle.


“I’m outraged. We’re trying to get to a woman who’s giving birth without any medical attention, without electricity, in a city under siege, in a clearly marked ambulance, and you’re shooting at us. How dare you?”


Even back in Baghdad, Mahajan and Jamail were the only Western reporters who attended a press conference of the Iraqi Minister of Health, who confirmed that the Americans had fired upon ambulances in Fallujah (and also in Sadr City in Baghdad):


“During the questions, when asked about shooting at ambulances, Abbas confirmed that U.S. forces shot at ambulances, not only in Fallujah and the approaches to Fallujah, but also in Sadr City. He agreed that the acts were criminal and said he has asked the IGC ([Interim] Governing Council) and Bremer [U.S. governor of occupied Iraq] for an explanation.”


While in Fallujah, Jo Wilding also saw civilians fired upon by U.S. troops, illustrating the “Coalition’s concern for collateral damage” that the intelligence analysis refers to:


“There’s a man, face down, in a white dishdasha, a small round red stain on his back. We run to him. Again the flies [h]ave got there first. Dave is at his shoulders, I’m by his knees and as we reach to roll him onto the stretcher Dave’s hand goes through his chest, through the cavity left by the bullet that entered so neatly through his back and blew his heart out.


“There’s no weapon in his hand. Only when we arrive, his sons come out, crying, shouting. He was unarmed, they scream. He was unarmed. He just went out the gate and they shot him. None of them have dared come out since. No one had dared come to get his body, horrified, terrified, forced to violate the traditions of treating the body immediately. They couldn’t have known we were coming so it’s inconceivable tat anyone came out and retrieved a weapon but left the body.


“He was unarmed, 55 years old, shot in the back.”


Also relevant to the issue of “collateral damage” is the way in which the U.S. forces divided civilians into potential “insurgents” — all males considered to be of “military age” — and all others. The others were allowed to leave the city or areas of active combat (“Throughout the fight Coalition forces allowed nonmilitary-age men, women, and children to exit through the cordon”), but males considered to be of fighting age — many tens of thousands in a city of perhaps 250,000 population — were not allowed to leave and were thus subject to being shot, as was the man described above by Wilding, upon the least suspicion. Wilding describes the implementation of this policy as a group of volunteers attempted to evacuate civilians before a planned American attack:


“‘We’re going to be going through soon clearing the houses,’ the senior one says.

“‘What does that mean, clearing the houses?’

“‘Going into every one searching for weapons.’ He’s checking his watch, can’t tell me what will start when, of course, but there’s going to be air strikes in support. ‘If you’re going to do t[h]is [evacuate] you gotta do it soon….’

“The people seem to pour out of the houses now in the hope we can escort them safely out of the line of fire, kids, women, men, anxiously asking us whether they can all go, or only the women and children. We go to ask. The young marine tells us that men of fighting age can’t leave. What’s fighting age, I want to know. He contemplates. Anything under forty five. No lower limit.”


Any military forcing tens of thousands of mostly noncombatant civilians to stay in a war zone under siege is obviously not putting the reduction of civilian casualties (reduction of “collateral damage”) high on its list of priorities. Not surprisingly, an analysis by Iraq Body Count concluded that almost 600 (“between 572 and 616 of the approximately 800 reported deaths”) civilians were among the dead in Fallujah.


The intelligence report also contains chilling phrases that, while subject to multiple interpretations, suggest both the difficulties of fighting a guerilla resistance in a city and the possibility of horrifying actions. Thus, in describing the structure of homes in Falluja, the report calmly states:


“The houses also are all made of brick with a thick covering of mortar overtop. In almost every house a fragmentation grenade can be used without fragments coming through the walls. Each room can be fragged individually.”


Absences in Report


It is striking that, for all its emphasis on claims that U.S. troops followed the “Laws of War” in the battle, avoiding, they claim, extensive “collateral damage” (i.e., civilian casualties) there is no discussion of any strategies designed to accomplish this in the “complex environment” of a city with tens to hundreds of thousands of residents in place. Of course, the accounts of Jamail, Mahajan, and Wilding suggest that the claim that collateral damage was largely avoided is exaggerated at best.


While providing useful analyses of the nature of the Fallujah fighting, and of the information war, this intelligence report demonstrates yet again the difficulties that U.S. occupation forces, including intelligence analysts, have in coming to terms with the nature of nationalist opposition to occupation. While it contains interesting discussions of the organization of the Fallujah resistance, including their decentralized command and control structures which were hard to destroy, the authors cannot resist repeating the Marine attackers description of the resistance fighters as ” an “evil Rotary club” rather than a military organization.”


The report also illustrates American blinders in analyzing the political context of the Fallujah battle. The report does refer to the growing opposition to the assault among the Iraqi Governing Council, a group of Iraqi officials hand-picked by the United States:


“The Iraqi Governing Council began to unravel. Three members quit and 5 others threatened to quit…. The Sunni politicians considered the operation ‘collective punishment.'”


The intelligence analysis, however, doesn’t mention the extreme unpopularity, at the time of the Fallujah battle, of the occupation among many Iraqis as part of the context that hampered the U.S. in its assault. For example, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup poll of Iraqis taken in late March and early April 2004 found:


“Only a third of the Iraqi people now believe that the American-led occupation of their country is doing more good than harm, and a solid majority support an immediate military pullout even though they fear that could put them in greater danger…

“Asked whether they view the U.S.-led coalition as ‘liberators’ or ‘occupiers,’ 71% of all respondents say ‘occupiers.’

“That figure reaches 81% if the separatist, pro-U.S. Kurdish minority in northern Iraq is not included….

“53% say they would feel less secure without the coalition in Iraq, but 57% say the foreign troops should leave anyway. Those answers were given before the current showdowns in Fallujah and Najaf between U.S. troops and guerrilla fighters.”


In failing to come to terms with the unpopularity of the occupation, the report continues the American blindness to the difficulties of sustaining an occupation as opposition mounts. The report thus pays insufficient attention to the extent to which the Fallujah population supported the resistance fighters. Perhaps, however, the absence of any discussion of “winning hearts and minds” is an implicit recognition that this was an impossible goal, and one irrelevant to the U.S. desire to crush Fallujah as a symbol of organized opposition to occupation.


In the end, the most surprising aspect of this leaked report is the absence of any information or analysis in the classified document that was not readily available in the public domain. Its failure to deal with the real situation the U.S. faced in Iraq during the Fallujah assault raises the question as to why, even in a classified intelligence analysis, the military, and perhaps the entire U.S. government, did not analyze reality, rather than relay propaganda. Many possible explanations can be contemplated: a fear of the document being leaked, military leaders and even intelligence analysts being infected with the same propaganda being fed to the press and the public, or systems for relaying information that reward those who support the prevailing ideology. Most likely is some combination of these factors. But the result, this report illustrates, is that, as with prewar intelligence, the intelligence during the Iraq occupation has in many cases reinforced existing beliefs rather than provide new insights designed to allow the U.S. forces to adapt to the real conditions they faced.


Preparing for November Attack


The report provides several glimpses into the tactics used to prepare for the later November 2004 attack in which Fallujah was captured by the Americans at the cost of thousands of damaged buildings, many tens of thousands of refugees, and an unknown number of both rebel and civilian casualties. In preparing for the November attack, U.S. forces had more time for pre-attack “shaping operations”:


“Shaping operations that clear civilians from the battlefield offers [sic] many positive second-order effects. In Fallujah in April 2004, IMEF [I Marine Expeditionary Force] only had a few days to shape the environment before engaging in decisive combat operations. The remaining noncombatants provided cover for insurgents, restrained CJTF-7’s[Coalition Joint Task Force 7] employment of combat power, and provided emotional fodder for Arab media to exploit.”


In preparing for the November attack, the U.S. engaged in months of massive bombing and artillery strikes, perhaps in order to terrorize into leaving many of the population who were not of military age and hence allowed to leave. As the Guardian reported October 31, 2004:


“US warplanes and artillery pounded targets in the city amid prolonged clashes with insurgents. A marine at a nearby US base described the strikes as the heaviest artillery bombardment he had heard in two months. At least a dozen airstrikes hit a southeastern district of the Sunni Muslim city during the afternoon, witnesses said.”


These “shaping operations” largely worked, as Reuters reported on October 26, 2004:


“‘Three-quarters of the people have fled to other towns to avoid the American air strikes, especially the women and children,’ said Abdel Aziz Ibrahim, a teacher.

“Bank employee Mohammed al-Alwani said: ‘Whoever looks around Falluja now can only feel saddness. The damage is so heavy the suburbs look like they were hit by an earthquake.'”


Having failed to destroy Fallujah as a symbol of resistance to occupation in April, the U.S. designed the November attack to accomplish this goal once and for all, as the Christian Science Monitor explained on the eve of the attack:


“‘One thought going around now is: “Why doesn’t Iraq look like [post-World War II] Germany or Japan, which knew they had been defeated?”‘ says John Pike, a military analyst who heads in Alexandria, Va. ‘One of the challenges we are facing now is these people don’t know they have been defeated,’ he says. ‘Fallujah will be an opportunity for them to be crushed decisively and for them to taste defeat.'”


Or, as explained by another Western analyst in the same article:


“‘The logic is: You flatten Fallujah, hold up the head of Fallujah, and say “Do our bidding, or you’re next,”‘ says Toby Dodge, an Iraq analyst at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London.”


The U.S. also learned from its perceived failure in the information war during the April attack, which led, in the view of the intelligence report, to calling off the attack before victory. In November they got many reporters, including even Iraqi reporters, to embed with U.S. troops, so that they could act, in the words of the intelligence report, as the propaganda arm of U.S. forces.


The greater success in manipulating the information war in November was offset, however, by the U.S.’s inability to hide from reporters and thus, from the world the country’s descent into full-scale civil war. It remains to be seen if the relative lull in civil war currently occurring as the various factions reevaluate the situation will allow the U.S. greater success in the information war, if not in the real war of occupation.

The full story in


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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 27 December 2007

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 27 December 2007

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.


  • Sectarian murder spree continues: four more bodies found dumped around Baghdad Thursday.
  • US occupation prisons hold more than 70,000 Iraqis.
  • Puppet troops wounded, missing following ambush on convoy in Sulayman Bak area.
  • Twenty-two civilians abducted at false checkpoint near Kan’an Thursday.
  • Puppet army check point attacked east of Ba’qubah Thursday.
  • US helicopter attack kills four Jaysh al-Mahdi gunmen in al-Kut early Thursday.


Sectarian murder spree continues: four more bodies found dumped around Baghdad Thursday.

In a dispatch posted at 6:30pm Baghdad time Thursday night, the Yaqen News Agency reported that the puppet “Iraqi Interior Ministry” announced that its puppet police had recovered the bodies of four more victims of sectarian murder that had been dumped around Baghdad in the previous 24 hours.

Yaqen reported a source in the puppet “Interior Ministry” as saying that three of the bodies were found in eastern Baghdad’s ar-Rusafah side, while the fourth was discovered in western Baghdad’s al-‘Amil neighborhood. All had been shot to death.

US occupation prisons hold more than 70,000 Iraqis.

In a dispatch posted at 3:23pm Baghdad time Thursday afternoon, the Yaqen News Agency reported that Muhammad al-Haydari, Chairman of the Human Rights Committee in the puppet “Iraqi Parliament” announced that more than 70,000 Iraqis are being held by US occupation forces in prisons in occupied Iraq.

Yaqen reported al-Haydari as saying that the prisons are closed and no one is allowed to visit the captives. Al-Haydari accused the US of committing numerous violations of the rights of the prisoners.

In continuing US campaign against Jaysh al-Mahdi, occupation troops find arms cache in medical facility.

In a dispatch posted at 11:55am Baghdad time Thursday morning, the Yaqen News Agency reported that the US military had announced the arrest of two people following the discovery of a large weapons cache belonging to the Jaysh al-Mahdi Shi’i sectarian militia in Baghdad’s al-Bayya’ district – a part of the Iraqi capital that the Jaysh al-Mahdi dominates.

Yaqen reported a US statement as saying that US troops accompanied by their puppet army allies discovered a weapons cache in an office of the Medical Administration in al-Bayya’.

When Muqtada as-Sadr’s movement (whose armed wing is the Jaysh al-Mahdi) was participating in the puppet “government,” one of its men was the puppet “Minister of Health” and hospitals and other health facilities throughout the country were turned into bastions of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia.

The American statement indicated that two men who supervised the cache were also arrested and taken away for questioning.

In recent weeks the US has increasingly targeted the Jaysh al-Mahdi as the American occupation realigns itself with Sunni collaborators against Shi’i sectarian militias – the same militias upon which the US initially built up its occupation of Iraq in previous years.

Bombs kill one, wound 11 civilians in Baghdad Thursday morning.

In a dispatch posted at 9:55am Baghdad time Thursday morning, the Yaqen News Agency reported that two mysterious bombs exploded by civilian targets in Baghdad on Thursday morning.

Yaqen reported that the first explosive device went off by a Kia bus near al-‘Ahd Radio in al-Baladiyat. The blast killed one civilian and wounded nine more of them in addition to inflicting material damage on the bus.

The second bomb exploded near the Musa ibn Nusayr fuel station on an-Nidal Street, wounding two civilians.

Salah ad-Din Province.
Sulayman Bak.

Puppet troops wounded, missing following ambush on convoy in Sulayman Bak area.

In a dispatch posted at 7:20pm Baghdad time Thursday night, the Yaqen News Agency reported that armed men ambushed an Iraqi puppet army convoy in the area of Sulyaman Bak, just south of Tuz Khurmatu, about 250km north of Baghdad.

Yaqen reported an official as saying that two of the puppet army troops on the convoy were wounded in the attack and three more of the troops were “lost” in the course of the ambush. The official said that the wounded men were evacuated to a nearby hospital.

Diyala Province.

Twenty-two civilians abducted at false checkpoint near Kan’an Thursday.

In a dispatch posted at 12:55pm Baghdad time Thursday afternoon, the Yaqen News Agency reported that armed men set up their own check point and abducted 22 individuals between Kan ‘an and Balad Ruz, east of Ba’qubah (which is 65km northeast of Baghdad) on Thursday.

Yaqen reported a source in the puppet security forces who asked not to be identified as saying that armed men stopped two civilian cars at their checkpoint and forced passengers to get out. They then led the victims away to an unknown destination. The source offered no further details.

Puppet army check point attacked east of Ba’qubah Thursday.

In a dispatch posted at 12:20pm Baghdad time Thursday afternoon, the Yaqen News Agency reported that armed men attacked a checkpoint manned by puppet army troops in the town of Kan’an, 35km east of Ba’qubah (which is 65km northeast of Baghdad) on Thursday.

Yaqen reported a source in the Diyala Province puppet police as saying that the attack sparked a gun battle between the puppet troops and the attackers that left 11 puppet army soldiers wounded. The casualties were taken to a medical unit operated by the Iraqi puppet army for treatment.

Al-Qadisiyah Province.

Puppet forces announce find of Jaysh al-Mahdi arms cache in ad-Diwaniyah.

In a dispatch posted at 10:04pm Baghdad time Thursday night, the Yaqen News Agency reported that puppet police for ad-Diwaniyah Province had discovered a “large cache” of weapons and ammunition belonging to the Shi’i sectarian Jaysh al-Mahdi militia west of the city of ad-Diwaniyah, which is 180km south of Baghdad.

Yaqen reported a source in the puppet police as saying that the weapons had been found in the ad-Dagharah area, 18km west of ad-Diwaniyah and that it contained rockets, light and medium weapons, mortar shells, explosives, and hand grenades.

The announcement of the “find” came at a time when the US has been increasingly targeted the Jaysh al-Mahdi as the American occupation realigns itself with Sunni collaborators against Shi’i sectarian militias – the same militias upon which the US initially built up its occupation of Iraq in previous years.

Wasit Province.

US helicopter attack kills four Jaysh al-Mahdi gunmen in al-Kut early Thursday.

In a dispatch posted at 10:15am Baghdad time Thursday morning, the Yaqen News Agency reported the office of Shi’i sectarian cleric Muqtada as-Sadr as claiming that seven of the movement’s Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen had been killed or wounded in an American helicopter attack on a neighborhood of al-Kut, 150km southeast of Baghdad at dawn Thursday.

Yaqen reported a source in the as-Sadr office as saying that US helicopters opened fire on the al-Jihad neighborhood of the western part of the city at dawn Thursday, killing four Jaysh al-Mahdi gunmen and wounding three more of them.

The source said that US forces, accompanied by puppet regime Special Forces have been carrying out raids for several days in residential neighborhood in the city looking for men listed as “wanted” for security reasons by the puppet regime. As of the time of reporting, the American side had issued no report on the attack.

In recent weeks the US has increasingly targeted the Jaysh al-Mahdi as the American occupation realigns itself with Sunni collaborators against Shi’i sectarian militias – the same militias upon which the US initially built up its occupation of Iraq in previous years.



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Christmas Under Hamas

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Christmas Under Hamas

Motasem Dalloul, IO Correspondent
“We feel absolute freedom under the rule of Hamas,” Musallam told IOL.
December 27, 2007GAZA CITY —Celebrating their first Christmas under the full control of Hamas, Christians in the besieged Gaza Strip denied any discrimination or oppression from their Islamist rulers.“We feel absolute freedom under the rule of Hamas,” Monsignor Manuel Musallam, the head of Gaza’s Roman Catholic community, told on Wednesday, December 26.

“I have never received any complaint against them from Christians in Gaza at all.”

Some 3,000 Christians live among the 1.5 million population of the impoverished coastal strip, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

The majority of the community lives within Gaza City in proximity to the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Gaza Baptist churches.

“We have no problems because of Hamas,” said Attala, a Christian physician.

“We feel the brotherhood and religious tolerance here in Gaza.”

Simon Tarazi, a 28-year-old gold trader, insists he has never experienced any discrimination.

“I haven’t felt any kind of annoyance or aggression from Muslims at all. I have never heard an insult or a word of indignity.”

For Basem Ayyad, 43, life under Hamas is even better.

The Gaza salesman remembers when he resorted to Hamas authorities to help him retrieve money he had lend to someone.

“Hamas attorney general returned me my lost right.”

United in Sorrow

Christians in Gaza refused to make a big Christmas celebration this year not because of any Hamas oppression but rather as a show of solidarity with fellow Gazans.

“I can call Prime Minister Ismael Hanyya to take permission for a huge Christmas celebration and give orders to the Interior Minister to secure the necessary security protection, but we have decided not to,” Musallam said.

Standing outside his Gaza church to welcome the faithful for Christmas prayers, he cited the impact of non-stop Israeli aggressions on the festive spirit.

“Everyday there are martyrs, injuries and prisoners.

“In `Eid al-Adha, Muslims lost many martyrs and it was a day of sorrow. We can’t neglect their feelings,” said the priest.

“Their joys are our joys, their sorrows are our sorrows. We share the same crisis and we have the same destiny.”

Musallam recalled that Hamas Minister Dr Basem Na’eem was the first one to congratulate him and Gaza Christians on Christmas.

Ibraheem Ajab, who sells ornaments and accessories, said this year’s Christmas was joyless.

“I feel that there is no interest in Christmas this year as usual,” he said in a somber voice.

“I haven’t sold a lot of accessories.”

The UN Palestinian refugees Agency (UNRWA) says Israeli closures and Western economic boycott have left nearly one million Gazans living on handouts.

It warned that Gaza’s economy would collapse if its crossings continue to be closed by Israel.

Attala, the Christian physician, blamed Israel and the West-led economic sanctions for stealing Christmas spirit.

“How can we celebrate our Christmas at the time we can’t find medicine for patients in the Strip?” he told IOL while leaving the church.

“How can we celebrate Christmas at the time patients die because they aren’t permitted to leave to hospitals abroad!”

Nearly 50 Gaza patients have died since June because Israel prevented them from leaving the strip to seek treatment.

Attala lamented that Gaza Strip has turned into one big ghetto with all its houses, whether Muslim or Christian, filled with stories of pain and suffering.

“We have no problems in our life as Christians because of Hamas. The origin of every catastrophe in Gaza is the occupation.”

The full story in


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