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‘Muslim Massacre’ Game Condemned

Posted by musliminsuffer on November 5, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

‘Muslim Massacre’ Game Condemned

12:16pm UK, Thursday September 11, 2008

A computer game that encourages its users to slaughter Muslims has been condemned by a leading Muslim youth organisation.

'Muslim Massacre'

The condemned game, ‘Muslim Massacre’

The Ramadhan Foundation expressed its “deep anger” at the release of the game ‘Muslim Massacre’ on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

It glorifies the killing of Muslims in the Middle East, added the Foundation.

The website incites users to download the game by falsely claiming the United States is at war with Islam.

“The United States of America has declared war on Islam! Take control of the American hero and wipe out the Muslim race with an arsenal of the world’s most destructive weapons,” it reads.

The game encourages its users to fire a variety of weapons at characters in traditional Islamic dress.

Mr Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Foundation said: “Encouraging children and young people in a game to kill Muslims is unacceptable, tasteless and deeply offensive.”

He added that video games encourage violence, especially among children. “When kids spend six hours a day on violent games they are more likely to go outside and commit violence.”


‘Sigvatr’, the game’s designer

In respone, the game’s designer who calls himself ‘Sigvatr’, told Sky News:

“To Mr. Mohammed Shafiq I would like to say that if a kid spends six hours a day on violent games, I think that they aren’t likely to go outside at all, so he should not be worried.”

The 22-year-old, who says he was born “a military hospital to two loving military grunts”, now lives in Australia.

His website says he works part time “as a service station attendant serving potato chips, cigarettes and soda to drunken bar hoppers and stoners at three in the morning.”

The Ramadhan Foundation has urged internet service providers to take action against websites such as this that incite racial hatred, saying there can be no justification for these games.

“I hope the person who made this game thinks again,” added their chief executive.

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